Thursday, July 2, 2015

A box of Miss Soft Crab assorted (AM)

I'm quite sure I served up a box of Miss Soft Crab assorted the other day, and I'm sorry to do so again so soon. But these days I ponder things for about 20 seconds at most so I'm afraid it's a bit of a necessity. 

First, the news. 
Sorry to start on a downer, but day after day it starts terrible and stays terrible and it doesn't look like letting up soon. It's changing the way I read the newspaper. Or you know, the newspaper on the Internet. I assume things are a bit of a catastrophe as a starting point, such that when I read Bennifer II are breaking up I immediately thought "oh no, not Bennifer II" and it took a few moments before I thought "oh wait, I don't give a shit about Bennifer II". I have no solutions, this one is a pure whinge.

Second, nice things.
I've got two nice things that keep popping into my thoughts. First, this view of the city. It's such a rip snorter and I love getting to see it each day. 

One of the benefits of the commute from the new neighbourhood.

The other thing I keep thinking about are these delicious eggplant and potato curry wraps J and I used to regularly buy from the student union building and eat when we were at uni. Goddamn they were good. Is that place still open? Perhaps chickpea could do some recon for us and if so, we could all go there for a lovely lunch soon. 

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  1. Dude, mate, bro. I think they still make those wraps, but now not just eggplant and potatoes. A range of other veggies as well. BUT, I ate a CHICKEN wrap there one time and got gastro that evening - spewed and diarrheaed all night. I don't think they're as delicious as you remember.