Thursday, July 16, 2015

How do you wear that? - Bandanas

Gee, I really hope that K was asking the universe in general about how to wear bandanas, because if she was asking me she was seriously barking up the wrong tree. I barely know how to wear everyday items like a dress. This morning I decided I wanted to wear something other than jeans and a jumper but just ended up dressed like a mourning Amish woman.

Then in a move to rectify the situation before leaving the house I changed my shoes and coat but just ended up looking like a mourning Amish woman with bling on her feet. So don't look at me for advice on how to wear any damn thing. Even Amish women don't wear headscarves and instead opt for those funny hats that remind me of what doctors wear in surgery.

Oh sure, I've worn a bandana from time to time, even with the occasional successful outcome which leads me to think I'm going to do it on the regular and it will become as part of my signature style as jeans and jumpers. Part I quickly learn any success I've had with bandanas was a fluke and I was just a fool to believe.

So really, how do you wear that?

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