Monday, August 10, 2015

Mid-hiatus update


The clue is in the heading y’all. This post-baby hiatus is going to be extended until August 24 when we will return with all the hilarity and insight you’ve come to expect from the Misses Soft Crab. You didn’t seriously expect us to return for reals today, did you? It occurred to me the other day when I was visiting K that in the period after you have your first baby what you do, in a way, is become a new person. Of course you are figuring out how to look after a baby and you are getting over the trauma of childbirth and you are figuring out what this life means. But also what all that means is that in order to do all that you are also becoming, to an extent, a new person, even if you don’t know that’s happening. So geez, give K a couple more weeks, you guys. Sure in a couple of years and another baby she may be blogging from thelabour suite but for now winter hiatus continues.

See you  on the 24th.

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