Thursday, July 2, 2015

A box of Miss Soft Crab assorted (PM)

Bennifer II are splitting up?! See that's why I don't read the paper. Not really, I don't read the paper because when I read about anything the government or  opposition say or do I get so depressed and world events... Forget about it. And even though it's great for the US that they have marriage equality it just made me so depressed that those conservative United States are more progressive than Australia. Seriously WTF?!

But a box of assorted has to have some delights too, right?! I can't stop thinking about this bread my neighbour made yesterday. It's based on a no-knead recipe from the NY Times and it was so freaking good we ate half a loaf in one sitting. Slathered with butter and Vegemite. Yeah boyeeeeeee! I'm planning to make it ASAP. I'd link to the recipe but I'm writing this on my phone as we head to the snow. 

And snow is delightful!

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