Monday, July 21, 2014

Will I ever forgive? (PM)

Sucks to be you, mate, I'm sorry. I've heard mixed reviews of the ape movie but I'm just going to come right out and say it, if I am going to see a mediocre Hollywood movie I want some goddamn hunks in it. Unless you are going to underutilise said hunk by keeping their shirt on the entire time (I'm looking at you Tim Burton!) then it just makes me angry. As has been established. Repeatedly. Hunks! Not unknown Australian that looks as if he were in Home and Away like some lesser Hemsworth.

Anyway over here in M-town School of Rock was on TV and even though I've seen it many, many times I just really like it a lot. In fact when we turned it on I immediately smiled.  It was an excellent way to forget about the troubles of the world.

And because I want everyone to be as lucky as I was last night I've included these unnecessary hunk pictures in this post for you. 

Your welcome!

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