Monday, July 7, 2014

Long winded, then a request (AM)

Since my tour of this United Kingdom (and Ireland) began, I've read a lot of reviews on Trip Advisor.  It's not something I normally do, because online user reviews are so darn subjective and the people who write them are so darn annoying and nitpicky. You know, giving a bad review because the towels were scratchy, and the window wouldn't open more than 10 centimetres at 9:30 on a Wednesday morning. These people are annoying and are not the people I want to take advice from, and I certainly can't ever imagine being one. Good god, no. But where Trip Advisor reviews are useful is when an otherwise moderate, rational person has written a review because a place is truly shit and he/she just wants to warn his or her fellow consumers. These are very very useful reviews.  It's how I found out that one of the places that I was going to be staying for a month was actually student accommodation, opposite a remand centre, and being sublet by someone who despite their professional looking website, didn't have the authority to sublet it. So thank you Ken from Cornwall, that review was very useful. 

The place I'm staying in now got quite a few average reviews, but on grounds that made the reviewers seem more annoying than the place. The towels aren't replaced frequently enough. The pillowcases were a bit thin. The pillows themselves a bit saggy. Annoying, right? Not the kind of thing that would stop you staying there, right? I carried on regardless. And I'm glad I did, because the pillowcases are actually fine and the pillows are fine. 

And yet, I find myself on the brink of writing a Trip Advisor review. And here's why. Though this place is advertised as having an oven, it doesn't have an oven tray or any piece of oven safe equipment that one can use in the oven. Not cool! And when I emailed them to ask if they could supply something, they said no. No! The cheek of them! They said they just provide basic kitchen equipment. "So sorry!" they said.
"You will be sorry!" I wanted to say. And may still stay. But probably not. But they don't know that!
Anyway, I really want to bake some scones to have with jam and cream because THIS IS ENGLAND but apparently I can't. Hey Mate, I don't suppose you have the time to whip up a batch today that you could post about this afternoon and I can live vicariously? That would rule. 

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