Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Clean Dream (PM)

It really is no wonder, isn't it? New clothes are clean and fresh like so few of my actual clothes. And sometimes they smell really nice and you want to take that nice smell home with you too. It's a case of wanting to buy the clothes because you really want to buy a cleaner fresher way of life.
But like commenter Sarah says, nothing gold can stay. As soon as the clothes come home the clock starts ticking on their cleanliness and freshness because real life is not clean and fresh, it's a little bit grubby. It's not shop-soiled goods you have to worry about, in my world all the soiling happens at home. Gee, do I sound like a creep or what?

So check it out, the news in London is awash with stories about the heat wave that's coming over the next few days. Guess what the weather is going to be? 32 degrees!

Appleheart and I are going to take the opportunity to have a picnic in the park, as you can see from the picture of us above, where we are in the future having a picnic and being played by GOOP and her former husband. I know things are a  little chilly down south and I know how good I've got it, being able to sit in a park with exposed skin. So that's what I'm going to do. See you next week, Crab Friends.

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  1. I heard on the radio they are also expecting a heat wave in Glasgow where it is going to be 21 degrees hahahaha