Monday, July 21, 2014

Will I ever forgive? (AM)

I just got back from the cinema. I thought I'd take a break from worrying about everything that is going on in the world by taking in some light entertainment. We went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, of course. I really really should have known better. It just made me annoyed and more worried about the world with its lameness and boringness.  
The problem is that though I enjoyed the James Franco slice of the franchise pizza, too much damage that was done with the under-utilisation of Marky Mark in the Tim Burton version. I'm still angry!  Every time the film would venture into either boring or lame territory, which I  you was very frequently, I couldn't stop thinking about Mark Whalberg and getting really mad. It's just such a goddamned  waste, no matter how many years go by. This version has some guy who's name I don't even know and Felicity from Felicity. Boring!

Oh wow, apparently this guy's name is Jason Clarke and he's Australian. Who knew?
Anyway, the only enjoyable thing about the film was when Ceasar looked at a photo of him with Franco and it made him sad. Ha! 
Still, it wasn't enough to make me not worry about the world.  

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