Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some things I need to catch you up on (PM)

It's true sometimes there's kind of minor boring things you like to tell a person but it seems way to boring to email about. Problem for me is that I pretty much have no filter so I've probably told K all my boring stuff. But I'm sure I can cobble something together. 

1. For example, I haven't seen any Malfoys but I did see this guy whose name I always forget. 

It's Daniel Wyllie. I just saw him in my street. It was totally uneventful and I would have forgotten if LB and his sister hadn't been talking about minor celebrity sitings the very same night!

2. I bought green jeans and I love them! They are a sort of dull moss green from Alpha 60. Here, I'll show you. 

I've gotta tell ya I've always shied away from any jean that isn't black or blue but I love these bad boys so hard I want to buy them all over again. Is it just because they are new and fresh? Maybe! But it's also because it opens up a whole new palette. And I love it!! 

3. I hate my hair. But what else is new. 

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