Monday, July 28, 2014

Instagram and me (PM)

Well, I haven't joined instagram yet. Mainly because I am lazy. I accept it means that I am missing out on some hilarious things. But it also means I get to keep enjoying getting emails from J that say "hey, you really should get on instagram", accompanied by a picture of Jared Leto hugging a tree. Lots of Jared Letos hugging trees. I really like that.
And frankly, I don't need any additional messages from the outside world telling me about the great pastries and dough based products that I could be eating. I've been in Paris this weekend and I'm putting that shit away like it's going out of fashion. Today I have eaten more dough based products than I care to mention. OK, OK, I'll mention. Today alone I have had bites of croissant, eclair, sable, baguette and lemon tart. Also, this thing called a Paris Brest.

Just today! But shit, that All Day Donuts sounds like a nice time. And not a place I've heard of until today. I guess I would have known if I was on Instagram...

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha. A bite of a croissant. Go wild mate!

    Also if you had Instagram you'd know jimmy barrel watches Q&A #intellectual #hot