Thursday, July 31, 2014

I wanna dance! (PM)

I am so into  this adult beginners ballet caper. Especially now that I know it is classical ballet and not the jazz ballet my mum originally indicated when she told me about it in an email last week. I did jazz ballet when I was about 10 or 11 and it was a bad idea then and would be an even worse idea now.  Also, totally useless if my first few days in New Orleans are anything to go by. Jazz on every corner but not a single step ball-change, the quintessential jazz ballet move, to be found. I think jazz ballet is to dance what Esperanto is to language. A bunch of bullshit, and an embarrassment.
Classical ballet, however. That's a total classic. I'm totally going to try it when I get back. Do you have to sign up to a whole term, or can you just go casual style?

I read your words about looking like a pudgy five year old in a leotard, and I understand what they mean, but I still pretty badly want to wear a leotard. And a bun. And have really good posture and stuff.

I wanna dance too!

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