Saturday, July 26, 2014

Instagram and me (AM)

I'm always writing to K telling her to get on Instagram so she can see pictures like this:



and this:

It's possible she's joined secretly but she's missing out by not following me because my account is pretty good. 

Ok, it seems better in Instagram. 

Of course the downside of Instagram for a modern girl like me is that I also follow a bunch of food-related IG accounts and while some are harmless enough, others are nothing but trouble. I'm looking at you dough-based businesses of Melbourne! 

Friday before last I tried All Day Donuts because their Instagram account promised delicious things. And  their Instagram account was right to make that promise. And then last Friday I saw this picture:

And I effing went back and tried them again. I don't know if you can read those signs but they include 'rose creme' and 'strawberry cheesecake'! Strawberry cheesecake! That is two of the world's best things together in a donut! Shiiiit!

And just when I was thinking about how Instagram was going to get me fat it told me about the Flour Market. A meeting of the great dough makers of Melbourne just blocks from my house. So what did I do on Sunday? Guess. 

Well you're only half right. Because me and every hipster dough-lover of Melbourne was lining up to get a piece of the dough. And  in fact as I'd been walking to the Flour Market I was already  questioning why I was out of the house before 10am on a Sunday just to buy doughs I could buy some other time not in a hall full of people, so you can bet when I saw the queue I just got the hell out of there. 

But it was great, up on a sunny blue-skied winter morning walking around, we caught the tram to the city and walked around there which is quite delightful on a Sunday morning. Went to the market where I bought apples in preparation for next week's chutney club and I was home by 1pm feeling super productive. I thought Instagram was making me fat but it's just making me awesome! Another win for me and Instagram! 

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