Monday, March 3, 2014

Discontinued (AM)

Last night I stood in front of the yogurt fridge at Piedemontes for ages, searching in vain for one of my favourite dessert treats: King Island Dairy vanilla yogurt. There is more yogurt that you can poke a stick at in the supermarkets these days, too much if you ask me, but I haven't seen the King Island stuff in yonks. Piedemontes is the last place I remember seeing it, but there was no sign of it last night, no goddamned sign at all. It made me worry. 
When I got home, I turned to the internet to see if it could tell me what's what. It had answers alright, but they sure as hell weren't the answer I wanted. 
It's been discontinued. Apparently because it wasn't meeting its sales targets. Apparently my once-a-month purchase of a single tub wasn't enough to keep it going. 
I get that they're trying to run a business and all, but geez guys, what about those of us who loved it? What are we supposed to do now? I don't want to find a new yogurt. I liked that one. It practically tasted like cream. 
It got me thinking about other times that food I love has disappeared from the shelves and instantly my thoughts turned to the old Milo Bar. 
The old Milo Bar was pretty much my favourite chocolate bar. In case you don't remember, it was two pieces of densely packed milo powder covered in milk chocolate. When you bit in to it, a little puff of milo powder would be released and it was goddamned delicious. 
One day, it just disappeared and was replaced with something like an energy bar. Ugh. It makes me so mad. 
And I'm not alone. 
There's a facebook page called Bring back the old Milo Bar and it has 2206 followers. That's a lot of disappointed people. 
Look, I know that nothing gold can stay. But why can't it? Why can't these specific gold things stay? It's not too much to ask. 

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