Monday, March 17, 2014

A box of Miss Soft Crab assorted (PM)

Hunks and grey sweaters are two of my favourite things! So much so that in NYC last year I bought this postcard.

And in cyberspace last week I bought this jumper. 

Those Sartorialist images touched me too and I'd already been coveting this grey jumper. Now it's mine! Oh sure, the sleeve is not that big and I won't wear it under everything. Just a coat or two. Probably not at the same time though. 

Hey, while we're on random things does anyone else thing it's total fucking ridiculous that Blogger has a phone app, as if that would be useful, but that you can't do things like add links or format or schedule your posts. Yeah, just saying.*

*Sorry this post started beig text centred. Stupid fucking Blogger app. 

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