Monday, March 3, 2014

Discontinued (PM)

I know, I'm excited about the Oscars too! Oh, what, sorry, it's Monday afternoon and I'm at home watching the Oscars and Pharrell just walked out so excuse my distraction. I care about yoghurt but I'm just feeling weirded out about the front row Oscar nominees shaking their booties with Pharrell. And that includes Meryl Streep. And why the fuck are U2 there?! Ok, that's probably enough Oscar coverage for this year.

That King Island yoghurt is really creamy and delicious, but I never bought it. Maybe one time. Maybe never, so I can't say I'm crying about it. The old Milo bar on the other hand is a product I would love to see back on the shelves. I loved a yoghurt once. The Tamar Valley Greek yoghurt with "fruit". I don't know if it still exists but all you see on supermarket shelves all you see is a "no added sugar" version. I bought it once hoping that it would just be sugar-free Greek yoghurt and sugar free fruit goo, but it wasn't, it had fake sugar in and it was gross, really gross. Why don't people just let good yoghurt be for Christ's sake?!

Now if you'll excuse me this Oscars ceremony is the first in years to actually promise some hunks, I mean, in the last twenty minutes I've seen Leonardo twice, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt and I'm pretty sure I just saw the lower half of Hemsworth's face, so let's just put this yoghurt facade behind me and let me get back to my hunks. 

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