Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pimento cheese - a new best thing (PM)

Guess which lady crab was the dumkopf who forgot to take all her chutneys home from Miguel and Legsley's place a couple of weekends ago, including the jar of wonderful, creamy-spicy tasting, eighties-looking pimento cheese? 
Yeah. This crab. What an idiot! 
But I hear Miguel and Legsley's made short work of it. When I was at their place for chicken and chips on Sunday night they invited me to take home what was left, just about enough to cover half a piece of bread. I told them they could have it. 
But I'm excited about a pimento cheesy future. Maybe I'll make some to put on crumpets while I'm away. 
I'm looking forward to crumpets. And those giant bumblebees they have in the UK. 
See you very soon crab friends! 

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