Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Printed pants (AM)

I bet you don't need me to tell you about the proliferation of printed pants. You go through years, fashion movement after fashion movement, with nothing like a printed pant, funny colours maybe, a check here or there and then, whammo, wack ass prints everywhere! And first you think, "that is some wack shit, what are people thinking?!" And then as time wears on, you wear down and start thinking, "Should I be wearing printed pants?" First you push it out of your mind knowing you are probably just tired and weak but then you start seeing things, thinking, "But maybe they are cool".

It's not that I was seeing random women in printed pants and coveting them. Let me make it clear that I think the majority of print pants look shit, it was the Obus Instagram feed that started me thinking maybe I was missing out on something.


The thing is that I look at these pants now and I know they are ugly, but for some reason I kept thinking about them. This print also comes in a legging which I thought may be acceptable. Until, of course, I realised none of it was acceptable. I don't even really love the print, but something about their styling on Instagram just kept me going back to look at them. 

I'm happy to report that so far my legs are still only clad in block colours of black and blue, and with the promise of normal jeans at my finger tips I think I am out of this print pant madness. I think. I know that if I ever fell I would have to confess my folly to you all. That's how I role, I'm a great confessor of my most embarrassing acts, let's hope, friends, that day never comes.

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