Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why is Legolas so creepy? (PM)

Good grief, Legolas looks terribleIt looks like he's spent the time in between LOTR and The Hobbit on some kind of elf rumspringa.  And to be honest, I can see why you'd need to. Living in an elf kingdom where everyone is poised, beautiful and lives forever and the lighting is always really great would have its downside. No one ever tripping and falling in a comical way. What do they laugh at? I bet they never laugh. No one tucking in to a burger and spilling shit all over themselves. I bet they don't even have burgers. Not that you can tell that by looking at 2014 Legolas. But seriously, I prefer this life to the elf life because:
- getting older is definitely better than getting dead, just like J said
- I like burgers.

Ha, look what happens when you search "orlando bloom burger"

That's not a burger, LegLOLas.

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