Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy medium (AM)

I don't like to whinge about the weather too much because it's very very boring for everyone. But gee you guys, it is warm out there, and it's kind of preoccupying. When I got up this morning, it was still dark, but already 28 degrees. 

Stars in the sky and a sweat on my brow. And check out the rest of the week. So consistent. I guess consistency is the hot new look in Melbourne this summer. 

You know what else is consistent? The weather in Cardiff. 

Consistently a bit shit. But to be fair, it is winter. And at least you can get a decent night's sleep in that weather, unlike here at the moment. In fact, a range of 4 degrees and 8 degrees is perfect weather for sleeping. I'm going to do heaps of that in Wales. But right now, 
what i'm interested in is a happy medium between Cardiff in winter and Melbourne in summer. So basically, Autumn. I think I want autumn now. 

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