Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's celebrate best things! (AM)

You know that here at Miss Soft Crab we love to talk about best things and today I just wanted to share a few things I was really delighting in the other morning. It may be because I'm still pretty tired from moving or because we have a crazy puppy sleeping over or because I am just kind of physically uncomfortable, but I guess I just want to forget these annoying things think about what makes the sweet life.

Raspberry jam on buttered toast.

Oh sure I was eating a fancy French brand (fancy insofar as it is French) buy I don't know that is why it makes me so happy to eat it on toast in the morning. I think it is just because it is sweet and tangy and goes so well with butter and seems like such simple yet indulgent thing to eat. Yeah, raspberry jam, way to make breakfast special. 

White Birkenstocks. 

Remember that time I told you how much I loved white things in summer and that I was probably going to buy some white Birkenstocks? Well, I bought them. And I love them so hard I pretty much have worn them everyday since I bought them in December. I love how they are white and I love how they slip on and they are kind of ugly which means they go with nothing on the one hand and yet by the same token they go with everything. I love having a shoe I can wear pretty much every day and make me happy every time I put them on. That's a shoe. And that's love. 

House plants. 

Before we moved house we were living in a pretty small space and every surface was covered with some necessity or some shit masquerading as a necessity. But now, that we've only moved half our stuff I have surfaces for plants. And it is so sweet! Finally I'm living my house-plant filled fantasy, and I gotta tell ya, so far so good.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, see. Just thinking about these sweet things has totally distracted me from the crazy dog and physical discomfort. Now you try!

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