Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Thursday's Thoughts (PM)

When I looked at Miss Soft Crab on my phone this morning and saw the picture in K's post as a tiny thumbnail before clicking through I thought the picture was of a sign that said 'GUINESS AS USUAL' and I thought 'Hahahahaha'. Then when I clicked on the post and saw the actual picture and that it said 'BUSINESS AS USUAL' I thought, 'Well of course it did. What the eff was I thinking, "Guinnes as usual"!?' And then I Googled it.

Turns out Guiness as usual is totally a thing!

Then I thought about how K ironed something this morning and how adult that is. I usually put everything that needs to be ironed to one side don't wear those clothes for 6 months and then one day iron everything, but right now I don't have anything in my ironing pile which leads me to wonder where the eff all those clothes that need ironing are. Maybe I've just gotten good at hangings things out to dry.*

Then I thought about how there was a tiny bit of delicious coconut tapioca pudding with mango puree I made for dessert last night sitting in the fridge. Then I ate it. But this is about thoughts, not actions, so let's just forget that bit.

Well, this could go on all day, but let's just put an end to it right now by acknowledging that my thoughts this Thursday are pretty vapid and we'd all be better off just moving on.

*The first time I tried to write 'dry' I wrote 'die' I guess Phillip Seymour Hoffman is on my mind too. 

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