Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This Thursday's Thoughts (AM)

Hi you guys. 
Unfortunately for all of you, the time I allocated for writing this morning's post was instead spent ironing the thing I wanted to wear today.  All I have for you instead are a few undeveloped thoughts. I'm sorry. 
But here they are! 

First thought
How annoying is ironing. It's the pits.

Second thought
I'm going to be 420 months old in a few days. What's surprising to me is not that I'm going to be 420 months old, but that it's just 420. Doesn't it seem like that number should be bigger? It does to me. 
And when do we stop counting age in months. 20 months? Do people refer to their children's age in months above 20? I'm going to ask my mum to tell people she has a 420 month old all through February. 

Third thought
I feel sad that Philip Seymour Hoffman died. And I feel puzzled that I feel sad Philip Seymour Hoffman died. 

Fourth thought
How am I going to choose a football team to barrack for in Wales? I've got a chance to choose a great team who could win something. But I can't just go for the team that's on top. They could be d-bags! My team need to be honourable men. Or at least not d-bags. It's an important decision and I don't want to eff it up!  

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