Thursday, July 11, 2013

What I almost learned this week (PM)

Yeah, I don't know much about capsaicin, but I know what I like. And that's foodstuffs that give me a physical sensation beyond taste. Who wants to just chew a bunch of stuff and taste a bunch of flavours when you can also experience the thrill of heat all up in your mouth. And nose, if you're eating hot english mustard or wasabi. It's like you're eating with your whole face and if it's a choice between mouth eating and face eating, make mine face every time!

As for menses, my main PMS symptom is that I become very very clumsy. I drop stuff all the time and I trip over constantly. So I guess you could say that I do become a little unbalanced. LITERALLY! Ha. 

Also, my ability to navigate which is meagre at the best of times disappears completely. It's like the bermuda triangle in here (I'm pointing at my head)... all my internal navigational instruments go crazy and if my iphone isn't working, I basically just wander around, following the sun. Sucks to be a chick, as usual. 

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