Thursday, July 18, 2013

Miss Soft Crab is bi-doona-curious (AM)

When I was in Iceland, I stayed in a very cute apartment I found on airbnb. It was someone's actual home, and so operated like a proper Scandinavian home,  by which I mean you have to take your shoes off inside and there are individual doonas on the double beds. This is what a Scandinavian bed looks like.

Personalised doonas. His and hers. Or hers and hers. Or his and his. Miss Soft Crab supports everyone's life choices.

From the first, I was pretty sceptical. Sure, it looks pretty. And I like the idea of never having to wake up shivering because a squeeze has thrown the bed covers off because he is too hot, causing me to be exposed to the elements like so much sleepy collateral damage. I like the idea of that.

But how the heck are you supposed to cuddle under there? That line down the middle looked to me like a giant faultline that would surely break apart every time someone rolled over or went for a bit of a nuzzle or whatever people do in their bedrooms (it's up to you guys and I don't ask questions and I support all lifestyles, providing no one is getting hurt). It looked to me like the this situation would lead to a more draughty bedtime, and that's not cool. That's not cool at all.

I climbed in on the first night expecting to hate it.
But  much like taking your shoes off indoors, it all just seems to work. I don't know how or why exactly. I mean, I'm not a scientist. I don't know how two doonas side by side manage to pretty much stay together when you move around, despite the giant faultline that runs down the middle. But I don't know how most things work and it's a state I'm pretty used to. All I know is that I don't think I experienced a single draught while I was there, and for that, I say tusen takk Scandinavia. Tusen takk.

I was trying to explain it to J last night and I'm not sure I convinced her. Let's see what she has to say in the PM, shall we? 

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