Monday, July 22, 2013

California Love (AM)

So, I hate to break this to you, but as you read this, probably on a cold winter’s morning, I’m enjoying my first hot LA night. I hope you can just be happy for me and are not feeling bad. Especially given what I am going to tell you next. Look, I hate to ruin the magic of the internet here, but I did not write these words today. No, sometimes... sometimes a blog post is written in advance. I’m sorry. Feel free to take a minute.

You may be at work, or somewhere else. It may be cold. Might be raining. Who knows. And given this is pre-written I don’t really know what it’s like where I am either. What I do know is that the forecast for LA was 80  with a low of 64. Whatever the hell that means! Just jokes, I have checked and it means that it will have a high of 26 and a low of 18! Um, that sounds pretty good to me. It’s likely that I will be one of three things, I reckon. 1) Passed out, jet-lagged; 2) eating a burrito  and drinking beer with CENSORED and Mondonna while CENSORED sleeps; or 3) drinking beer and eating a burrito with CENSORED dazzled with Mondonna’s hot LA lifestyle while she is off somewhere doing something hot, as Ari cries with delirium after hours on a plane and a hemisphere shift demanding miracles from his body clock that he cannot even begin to understand. Fingers crossed it’s option 2.

I was feeling a bit uneasy about this trip for a while, but then I organised accommodation and got a little excited. And then one week ago, I heard a plane overhead. It was loud and I looked up and it was flying quite low. The sky was full of clouds and I looked away for a minute, looked back up and the plane was gone. I could still hear it. It was still there, and then it emerged from the clouds, making them look wispy around it and I could imagine descent vividly. You know, when you are coming in to land and you can feel the plane descending, you fly through clouds, then clear sky then clouds again. You can see the city below. It’s so exciting. So I started to get excited. Oh and remember Saturday? How it was so wet and cold. Yeah, I got real excited. But I don't you guys to miss pout on the California love. C'mon, let's all enjoy it!

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