Monday, July 1, 2013

Here I come (AM)

I'm in London for a very last hurrah before flying home on Tuesday. 

When I walked past this bollard on Regents Canal today I thought 'I know how you feel, sad bollard'.

Being in Melbourne will be so great, but boy oh boy will I miss being on a European holiday. 

I will miss people calling icy poles 'iced lollies'. I will miss seeing a bunch of Danes facilitate a swan family's road crossing over 40 minutes (I'm not kidding) in Copenhagen.

I will miss taking bike rides in the forest. 

I know I've told you about it before but gee it was a goos day and I really will miss doing that.

I will miss pulling over by the side of the road in Iceland and seeing stuff like this:
Just by the side of the road. It's not even a place of note! It's just what Iceland looks like! 

I will miss all the good eating. So much good eating. But sheesh, the kind of unbridled consumption I've enjoyed over the last few weeks can't continue if I want to meet my baggage allowance. No sirree. 

And home...I goddamned love that place. So that will be pretty effing nice. So see you soon people. 

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