Monday, July 29, 2013

Some mysteries (AM)

Who has driven past this building before?

Hang on a second. You might not recognise it from that picture.
What about this one:

You know it, right? It's the Mission to Seafarers on Flinders Street, way up the end past Spencer Street. You know, near Bunjil.

Anyway, everyone has driven past it millions of times and wondered what it is, especially that domey bit. It was one of life's mysteries, like what a baby pigeon looks like and where they are all hiding.  (Seriously, where are they?) I read an article about this building once and discovered that it was some sort of club for people who sail the seven seas. A place for seamen to go when they are in port. And one of the rooms has a dome! It became less of a mystery, but my curiosity remained.
On Saturday, I had the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity because of this Open House thing they do these days.
I headed there on my bike because god know where the eff you could park around there. I joined the queue out the front and at this point, was feeling pretty excited. While waiting in the queue I read the reading paraphernalia they were handing out. Turns out the domed room used to be a gym. An old school gym for the seamen. How do you like that! After about ten minutes they let me in and all sense of mystery/curiosity/interest waned. It is basically like an RSL. And the domed room is like the hall in the RSL, but with a domed roof and a lot of paintings of ships. I can imagine the gym that they might have had in there back in the day and gee, it does not make me want to work out. It makes me want to walk out. Ha! But seriously folks. I had an ok time wandering around the place, but I think I preferred it when it was a mystery and I could imagine it being extremely great.

Another mystery you may be wondering about is why MSC was silent on Thursday, and then half appeared on Saturday. I guess there's no one single reason, but here are some of the factors that influenced it:

  • J is in the Northern Hemisphere with sporadic internet access
  • K (that's me) is in the Southern Hemisphere with sporadic access to her (my) brain
  • K didn't look at MSC over the weekend and didn't realise that J had posted until THIS MORNING but had already decided to write about the Mission to Seafarers and couldn't back down
  • There are probably some other reasons too but none of them spring to mind. 

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