Monday, July 15, 2013

An open letter to drivers (PS/PM)

Oh, Drivers.

It’s complicated, isn’t it?
Like, it is great how you let people merge in front of you sometimes and go quickly through a green arrow light sometimes so more people can get through. But sometimes you don’t do those things. And sometimes you crowd a keep clear zone so people can’t get through like they should be able to. And I’ll be honest, I’m not perfect. I’ve probably done some of those things from time to time. But I’m trying not to. Really. I mean, that is what relationships are about, you know? Compromise. And having a good time. But do we even have that any more, Drivers?

Tell you something else, Drivers. I drive down K’s street sometimes. You know when? When I’m visiting her. Or picking her up. Or dropping her off. You know when else I do it? NEVER! ‘Cause it is too effing narrow to waste my time with that shit! But enough of that. This isn’t about the he said, she said bullshit. It’s about trying to right wrongs, you know? I mean, if you do live in that street you may well have driven past me doing a 300-point turn in the driveway across the road from K’s because she is so close to the end I always need to get back to and there is no way I’m driving down the length of that mother effing street just to end up further from home and on Sydney Road. So I do my several-point turn, sometimes hold up traffic. Have you cursed me? Perhaps. Thanks for your patience, though. I really appreciate it! But if you don’t live in that street and curse me as you wait till I can finally clear that driveway, safe from damaging cars and death, if you are using that street as something to drive down to get from A to B when neither A nor B are on that street, well, well ... pretty fucking please with a cherry on top, drive down another street.


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