Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stream of hdklg fjnzm,ds./ b (AM)

****^sorry guys!!!!! I thought I published this on Thursday! My bad!*******
You know how sometimes you have a thought and first, before the thought is fully formed, there is a little deformed pre-thought, a hint of the thought, and when the thought is finally formed you realise how deformed that initial pre-formed thought was? You know?

Like, today I thought about writing stream of consiousness style. But for some reason the initial pre-formed and pretty deformed thought had me unconcsiously imagine that my stream of consciousness would look like this: nebskJLRDThlkd dszuidFHndbms  nsmd,f gdFsaiBKH. You know, more face-plant writing than stream of concsiousness writing. Rather than putting down thoughts as they happen, stream of consciousness-style, in my split-second preformed though, this idea just meant mashing the keyboard. Yeah, two different things. I know. And yet, I think perhaps it is a little bit telling of the state of my brain right now. Tired, generally somewhat incoherent. My brain basically is like a keyboard mash. When I though stream of concsiousness, I liked the idea of things just coming out - and ideally being great. Plus, if it was actually like face-plant or keyboard mash writing it would be so easy, but, you know, pretty nonsensical.

I tell you what, how about we wait until I have been northside (of the equator) a little longer and I have wifi on tap and then I will give you something good. Thanks for understanding guys!

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