Monday, April 29, 2013

We have to talk (AM)

So... um...I don't want to alienate you or anything but it is unlikely that you know the pressure of writing a daily blog. A blog that every day gets hundred of page views and at least three people actually arriving here on purpose. You guys, you know the expression with great power comes great responsibility...? Yeah, you know what I'm saying. And while the Misses Soft Crab may not have actual power or responsibility we do have aspirations to greatness. Or at least goodness. Well, we want a shit hot blog. And so, it's time we told you something. After this week Miss Soft Crab will be appearing new and fresh on your internet twice a week. Quality not quantity.

"What?!" I hear you ask, "But you have already been supplying such high quality in great quantity." I know guys, I know. But we are just two ladies. Two hombres. But chicks. And we don't want to live fast and die young, you know.

So in discussing how this would work K and I talked about which days would be the best two for Miss Soft Crab to run. First we thought maybe Wednesday and Friday, because everybody needs some fresh online content on Friday right. But then we thought but what about when you get to work on Monday and you just need a little something something to start off your morning before you really get your work started.  So how about Monday and Friday? Is that too far apart? We don't want you to forget about us. "Never!" I hear you cry. Oh, sure, you say that now, but time passes, memories fade. Things change, people change.

What days would y'all like? C'mon, hit me back just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan this is Stan. leave a comment. Let us know. Please.


  1. Tuesday and Thursday.

    Although a Monday MSC hit would be great for us, think about what that means for you, los amigas. Let that weekend settle. No one feels great on a Monday - why should we expect MSC ladles to? Quality, right?

    Even though I'm tempted to say Friday to make Fridays even better, I guess you might want to steer clear about talking about what you're going to do on the weekend. Save that for a report of what you did do on the weekend, on Tuesday.

    Am I right?

  2. Monday and Thursday sounds good.

  3. Thanks for all the comments guys!