Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Next blog revisited (PM)

The world is food crazy, that's for sure. And even though I hate the word blogosphere I guess I have to use it here to say the blogosphere is food crazy too. Ugh. Gross. Sorry you guys. Austin particularly so. But as Tony Soprano would say, what are you gonna do? Tony Soprano. Now there's a man who likes food.

But enough of that. It's MSC's weekly food day and I have a food question.

Does this chocolate cake look good to you guys?

Sometimes I miss the dense floury chocolate cakes of my childhood, as distinct from the dense fudgy chocolate cakes of my adulthood. This one looks like a proper floury chocolate cake, the kind that you might have found in your school lunch box as a playlunch snack if you were one of those kids who got cake in their lunch boxes.
That appeals to me. A lot.
But it looks pretty dry. Especially the 'crust', which I'm pretty sure cakes aren't even meant to have, are they? And the lack of butter concerns me.
But the other ingredients seem pleasing. Dark sugar. Maple syrup. Stout! Plus, I love the word Bundt. It's a no-nonsense word, but also somehow a little cute.
I think I'm going to make it tonight. 

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