Monday, April 15, 2013

Just a Monday post (AM)

I don't like to start the week off on a negative note usually. I mean, as if waking up on a Monday morning isn't bad enough, then you have to perform your ablutions, probably discover there is no breakfast and I guess on this particular Monday you have to catch public transport with a million other people which seems like 10 million after the quiet of school holidays. Perhaps it is these factors that meant I couldn't avoid the negos today. Sozzles.

But let me just get this out there. Have you seen an ad for some kind of women's sanitary product, I believe it is some kind of 'panty liner' with a naked woman talking about  mid-cycle discharge? (Oh, also, sozzles if you are sensitive to this talk.) So, it's an ad for an inherently offensive a product, a product that exists to make women feel that having undies on and then probably pants or at least a skirt is not enough to keep their disgusting vaginas away from the world. And it is advertised by a nude woman. And she is telling us that even though discharge is healthy and normal it can make a woman feel dirty, and that's fine. WHY THE EFF IS THAT WOMAN NUDE?!?! Why is she telling you to feel dirty?! I read somewhere that the ad received criticism. "Yeah, no shit!" I thought! But when I read on it was suggested that the ad had been criticised for using the word vagina and being too 'real'. WHAT? WHAT?! WHAT THE EFFFFF??!?!

Phew, sorry, before it becomes too late to turn the caps lock off, let's all jus relax and look at this adorable photo of some of the Queen's signets riding under the wing of their parent. 

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