Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ways I am no good at being an adult (PM)

Do you look like this? If the answer is yes, you may well be an adult. According to a Google image search, an adult is a smiling person in a group of people wearing monotone clothes


I hear you sister. And I am in exactly the same boat. Sure I can do some of the things an adult is meant to. Drive a car. Raise a well-adjusted child. He's not even 3 mind you, so there is plenty of time for maladjusting him yet. I don't have a mortgage though and I can barely hold down a job so already I'm failing.

But I think this morning's post demonstrated some very adult achievements. For example, that tomato paste that is going to give K botulism was Coles Smart Buy tomato paste. A smart buy! Adult!

Getting a cleaner! Man I fantasise about getting a cleaner all the time. For me that will be the true moment when I know I am a successful adult. A time where I can stop doing the boringest, Sisypheanist task of them all and pay someone else to do it. Like when I stopped waxing my legs at home and started paying a professional to do it! Adult! Except I am so broke at the moment I plan to wax my own legs today! Regression!

And that weevil situation... Forget about it. The source of the problem is probably your food. You know how food has an allowable contamination level? Well basically those weevils come as eggs in your flour and what not and then hatch and make your kitchen home. What are you going to do? Stop buying food? No, because you are an adult!

 But that toothpaste thing is just gross.

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  1. Adult solution to eradicating weevils that my Mum taught me... store all your flour and oats etc in the freezer. Who would have thought! My Mum is such an adult...