Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cinnamon Game Changers (PM)

Chocolate swirl buns I made one time

I have to say that those days when K worked at a prominent bakery franchise were some of my best. She used to close the shop on Mondays* and I would pick her up and take her home even though we no longer lived in the same street, in fact we lived in opposite directions, but she would give me a box of leftovers, you see. Bam, my regular bread, cheese bread, banana bread and donut needs were taken care of for the week. It pretty much ruled. But I never wanted or received scrolls in that bountiful box. No, who would buy a chain bakery scroll?! Not me! The scrolls of St. Cinnamon, however, were a whole different story. They were doughy and delicious and sticky and caramelly and Libbets and I sometimes would catch a train from Elsternwick to the city just to get one. We would get off at Melbourne Central go up the elevator for a scroll then turn around and go home. They were warm and gooey and I could go on about those bad boys all day! I guess what I am saying is that my game did not need changing. My heart is well and truly open to the scroll.

I've made scrolls before, usually they are great straight out of the oven but they suffer later. They tend to be too bready, not eggy and buttery enough - a good scroll needs to be somewhere in between a cake and a bread, that's what I think. Without question the chocolate swirl buns from Smitten Kitchen are the best I've ever made. But my heart belongs to cinnamon and those babies Miguel made for Northern Delights, well, they were something special. When K told me she made them on the weekend I was jealous. And when she dropped it again in yesterday's post my mind was made up! I was going to make them! I have a recipe for a thing called Swedish Cinnamon Butterhorns. Although they are shaped more like a croissant they have the same Swedish names as the other buns, kanelbullar. Plus who wouldn't want to eat a thing called a butterhorn!! But then I realised I had no eggs and I didn't want to go to the shops and well, now I don't have any scrolls. But don't worry guys, the shops are open and I have a whole day ahead of me. Those cinnamon buns will be mine!!!!!!

*Or possibly a different day. It was a long time ago.

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