Monday, April 22, 2013

The hits just keep on coming (PM)

Kick is a really great album. And I’m pretty sure bloatingis something that yoghurt and vitamin companies have made up. Like how Listerine made up halitosis. I’m pretty sure that the yoghurt companies just thought they could capitalise on that feeling people get where they feel fat. I’m pretty sure that bloating is just a euphemism for fat and like 80% of the products in the world the yoghurt companies are trying to make us think (falsely) they will cure the feeling of being fat.

Well eff you yoghurt companies. Then again I guess you just proved one more time why K and I are BFFs.* So thanks yoghurt companies, tearing women down just to build them back up again.

*I know that Frandonna is 24, so I guess K and I have been friends for almost that long. And still learning new things about each other to this day. That’s love, you guys!


  1. Mate, mate:

    I'm so glad you have each other because now that I know you don't suffer from bloating I'm not sure I want to know either of you.

    That being said, next time I experience it I am going to rock up on your doorstep, K, and ask you to punch me in the gutz. Because that is the only known relief. Not some choc-ball. That is next-level BS right there.

    Enjoy your eternally untroubled gutz, friends.


    Love Crimpy.

    1. Wait, so bloating is a thing? Is it also known as a tummy ache? I've had that. Is that bloating? I don't think it's bloating. One thing I do know for sure is that I would never eat yoghurt for a tummy ache. But one thing I still don't know is what the eff bloating is.