Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Understanding McCarthyism (PM)

This is what I texted J on Sunday morning, after I discovered she had tweeted "I'm beginning to think the movie Mannequin doesn't make any sense" at about 10pm the night before:

You see, my brothers and I used to watch Weekend at Bernie's and Look Who's Talking all the time when we were little. We taped them off the tele and though everything else we recorded we eventually taped over,  for some reason, WaB and LWT endured. I think because of this, perhaps I ruined myself for McCarthy. And babies. Just kidding! I love babies, especially Baby and Niecey and Little Nut. But I can't watch McCarthy. Every time I see him now I think 'ewww', and also 'Andrew McCarthy looks a little like Ethan Hawke when he smiles. Eww'.  You just can't watch WaB as many times as I have and think anything else.

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