Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What is Prince William up to? (AM)

The other day, I was catching up on my favourite blog, Miss Soft Crab. No, really. I was bored and I thought I would read old Miss Soft Crab entries. What a great time I had! You guys should keep it in mind for next time you're bored.
In addition to amusing me a great deal, it reminded me that we have a LOT of tags for our posts. There  are our oft-used favourites ( please see WTF, Best Things, Food), but there are also many many more we have used just once or twice (see: terror, so much ugh and sounds like my friday night).

Perhaps the most surprising tag I stumbled upon was 'Prince William'. I know, on this blog? Surprised the shit out of me too. Turns out J referred to him a couple of times back in the early days of MSC and then we haven't give him another look since.

Doesn't seem very nice, does it? Shall we check in and see what he's been up to? Ok then!

Well, unsurprisingly, he's been going to the Olympics with his wife a fair bit.

That looks like fun, doesn't it?
He's also been dressing up in his pilot outfit.

Such a good one.
And because he's such a cool guy, it looks like he's also been going along with it while a couple of dudes cross swords in front of his wife.

Harry looks appropriately dubious. 
What a cool guy.

Perhaps most importantly though, I am pleased to advise that like most future kings, he's also been getting himself noticed as a subject for art, albeit in a supporting role for his wife and grandmother in this hilarious Tim Key poem. 

So that's Prince William. Tomorrow we will revisit another infrequently used MSC tag. Maybe Boreanaz?

(We're not really going to do that.)

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