Monday, August 27, 2012

Winterchut (PM)

No one has ever, ever called me the responsible one out of me and K. So no, I did not take a photo of Welly's (DELICIOUS) rhubarb pie. But it looked great readers. This nice long rectangle with with a lattice lid.

You know the worst thing about the Winter Chutney? There were so many leftovers. I had left over croissants I had to eat for breakfast the next day. There were donuts and macarons from Biggie Little and Little Wonders, rhubarb pie from Welly. And of course had I had to eat them yesterday while there was still some freshness in them. I still feel like I have a sugar coating over my mouth. Ugh.

I had a wonderful time at CC on Saturday too. And all the food was actually mind-bendingly delicious.  But oh. Oh the sugar. I don't think Baby ate anything of healthfulness all day. He just passed out when we got home. I thought I should eat some vegetables so I did. Then I lay in a bean bag until I could move again. Hours, readers, it took hours.

Now excuse me, I need to go brush my teeth again.

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