Thursday, March 17, 2016

Shameful confessions (AM)

KB slept really badly last night which means I slept really badly last night. It led to some behaviour I'm not proud of. During one of the many cuddling sessions in which I attempted to coax him back to sleep, I remembered that the bonds baby search is currently underway. I thought maybe I would have a look and she whether there were any amusing baby names. Obviously I wasn't thinking clearly because there is the mother load of amusing baby names  and last night, I laughed at all of them. Highlights included the many Braxtons and Nixons. A couple of Bodhis. There was a Princess. Of course there were many idiotic spellings of regular names. But may favourite by far was Carol. Cute little baby Carol. 
Many times I told myself I would stop, then find myself clicking on the next page. It went on longer than it should have. And I feel pretty douchey for doing it. I mean, they are real people. But, it's up for another day or two if you're interested. 

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