Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another Autumn post (Easter Monday)

Today is technically a public holiday, but I totally owe you guys a post! Last Thursday, when I was meant to post in response to J's musings about autumn and puffers was a heck of a day. KB did a bunch of projectile vomiting that made us want to go to the hospital. But it was also coco's wedding which made us not want to go to hospital, but instead go to a wedding. And I had so many thing to say about puffers! But the vomiting and the wedding! It was very hard to know what to do. In the end we went to the wedding but couldn't relax so left as soon as the speeches were over and rushed home to our vomiting baby. At 7am the next morning we flew to Hobart and were whisked off to the bush where there was no reception and has been nothing but hot cross buns and chocolate ever since. And a bit of a vomiting baby.
But it hasn't all been Easter treats and spew. I've also thought a lot about Autumn and puffers. As J said, I borrowed her white puffer to take overseas at Christmas. From the first day I knew that it was the thin white line between me and freezing to death. In order to avoid wearing it out I marched straight to Uniqlo and bought my own puffer, which I wore every single day while overseas, except for the day it was -16 in Sweden and we couldn't start the car because everything was frozen so we had to stay home all day and I didn't need the puffer. Other than that I wore t every day. And it made me resolve to wear the puffer all through the Melbourne winter to avoid feeling freezing like a normally do. So come and get me winter, I'm not scared of you! 

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