Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chose your own hunkventure (AM)

I don't know if it was all that Monday morning musing about Leonardo or if there's something in the air or if I'm just embracing a long forgotten favourite subject, but I've been thinking about hunks a lot this week. When I thought about today's post I thought maybe I should pick a different subject and then I thought, hunks are one of the great foundations of Miss Soft Crab, one part of the holy trinity that govern us, completed by food and clothes. I decided that to deny us all another hunks post was to deny the birthright of this blog, deny my true self. And it's like Hamlet says, to thine own self be true.* Am I right?!

I'm reading a book at the moment with a character that, as soon as he emerged, the instant I read his description, I imagined Chris Hemsworth. And the description is about as undescriptive as a description could be. Just a couple of lines to give you an idea of a guy and that was all I needed to get to Hemsworth (destination = reached). 

Reading this book is totally enjoyable because it is by a great writer and because imaging Chris Hemsworth all the time is great! I never imagine hunks when I'm reading a book. Books aren't usually about hunks, at best there may be a guy with some hunk like qualities. And to be honest when I imagine book characters they're often slightly blurred. But not this Hemsworth-type, he is crystal clear. 

I've so enjoyed this experience I texted K yesterday to ask if she'd read the book and when she answered yes I asked her if she'd imagined this character as Hemsworth. She told me no, she's old fashioned, she'd pictured Viggo, but she liked where I'd gone with it. 

K's brain made a great choice casting Viggo but it really got me thinking about all this dismay about hunks I've been feeling. 

I mean isn't it heartening that instead of going with a classic hunk, one very close to my heart, I went with a more contemporary hunk, a new classic if you will. Oh sure, maybe it was my lazy brain just using the zeitgeist to do all the work for it, but I like to think it's something more than that. I'd like to think that perhaps the future is not as bleak as we supposed on the hunk front. Yes, I may be more discerning now (what's the good of aging if you don't become discerning?) but that's only a good thing. Maybe the steady stream of hunks of yesteryear was more about my youthful exuberance than real supply, but I'm heartened to discover that a hunk of today can be at the forefront of my mind and it really gives me hope!  

*Just jokes, I know Polonius says that. Go watch Clueless

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