Thursday, December 3, 2015

Things I've done this week (AM)

Our first week in London was sacrificed on the alter of jetlag. 
This week we've been feeling a bit more normal so have been venturing out for miniature adventures. 
One of the best aspects of this is getting to dress KB up in a variety of adorable winter outfits. I constantly have to resist the urge to squeeze the kid very firmly when he is all dressed up for winter outings. 
This is his most tasteful ensemble. It's a race against time keeping it vomit free, but i enjoy the 20 mins or so we get to do that. 

This one alarms me because he looks so grown up in it. 

'Grown up' might not be the right term but you know what I mean. Adults are not kidding when they say kids grow up so fast.

We catch the tube wherever we go, and KB is strapped to my front in a carrier. People practically leap out of their seats to offer them to us. That simply does not happen on the #86 tram. 

We've been to the V&A and Harrods. Usually for a short time, because I don't want to push KB too far. But yesterday we went to the British museum (mainly because it is near a good coffee shop) and stayed all afternoon. It was great. 

Obviously, one can't visit the British Museum without feeling pretty uncomfortable about how all the stuff that is there really shouldn't be there. But 
it's such a beautiful building, so a pretty great place  in which to ponder Britian's history of pillaging. 

We saw the Rosetta Stone and the genuine imitation Rosetta Stone they used to have on display before the rolled out the real thing. Here is the side view of the fake.

'Captured' is a strong statement for something that can't really get away, isn't it? 

Anyway, the rest of the week is going to follow a similar pattern, but with more decent coffee I hope. 

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