Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 ends (PM)

Ok, let's get down to it.

The highlight of my 2015 is, of course, KB. The much anticipated arrival. The first few terrifying weeks. The nights we spent hanging out in the wee small hours. And now, the little adventures we are going on each day, including a lot of Cornish pastie and mince pie testing. Having KB is a thrill. A thrill that kicked off about 5 months ago and doesn't look like letting up any time soon. 2015 gave me a whooper of a treat in KB and it is, hands down, the highlight of my 2015.

I also really liked it when we  moved into our house and got Netflix.

And when J made Golden Gaytime birthday cake for Newbie's birthday.
And now, ending this most awesome year in the UK is pretty outta sight. 

***time lapse***

So this is all that remains of a very long end of year post I tapped out on my phone at 4am.

It's now 5:15 am and when I went to look for pictures of Ewan and Damon to finish with, it all disappeared. I'm too defeated to rewrite it. 

In summary: KB is hands down the best and most memorable thing about 2015.* I'm looking forward to more KB in 2016, and coming home to see all of your cute heads.

And in response to J's bonus questions...

Do you think a cold Christmas will be better than a hot Christmas?

If you could see any hunk in London (and there are a few that hang out there) who would you want it to be?

 Do you really need to ask?

 <<insert pic of Damon here>>

 <<insert pic of Ewan here>>

* but I wish I got to see blur...and I think about that fact most days

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