Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big scream (AM)

It has been 20 weeks since KB was born and though I have tried many times during those 20 weeks, yesterday I was  finally successful in taking him to the movies.

I goddamn love the goddamn movies. I probably like movies as much as the next person,  but I love The Movies, as in going to the movies, so goddamn much. I've really missed it, and wish I had done a shit load more of it before KB came along. But no regrets. I also like lying around,  and I'm pretty sure that whenever I thought about going to the movies and didn't go, it was because I wanted to lie around. So do not weep for me, readers. 

I've been really jonesing for the movies though, so I did a bunch of research and figured out when and where I could go with KB. It seems like over here, your big multiplexes aren't so good with the babes in arms screenings. But the local cinema around the corner from where we're staying has what they call Big  Scream sessions,  allowing me to combine my love of going to the movies with my love of puns. Woot! 

We went to see Grandma, which stars Lily Tomlin as an ageing lesbian academic helping her granddaughter get an abortion. Perfect for baby's first trip to the cinema. Really, I didn't  give a shit what was on. I was so happy to be there. I was grinning like an idiot the whole time.  I'm pretty sure I giggled a few times, such was my excitement. The cinema was peppered with ladies just like me, and one fella. Some babies were super new and flat out cried the while time but we didn't care! We were at the movies!
The film was quite enjoyable, but next time I am going to make sure there's a hunk in whatever it is I'm seeing. Only a hunk could make the experience better.
And how many experiences can you say that about??!! 

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