Monday, November 30, 2015

New opportunities (PM)

So this morning I was listening to the song Parklife and I don’t want to give away any spoilers for when K and I do our annual best of/worst of year round-up but ummmmmmm… the Blur concert was really good. Oh, sorry, that’s not what we’re talking about is it?! Well I hope that show  at the National Theatre that Damon wrote the musicfor is really good.

Meanwhile my December calendar is getting fuller every day. Just when I think I have a free weekend in my sights something gets slotted in there. I mean, all these things will be enjoyable. Hannukah – the Jewish feast of fried foods! A first birthday party – the gang’s feast of food cooked by David! But geez, a girl needs a rest now and again.

And I keep thinking that I should get a jump on things and do my Christmas shopping early, but as each day passes this whole ‘early’ thing becomes ‘timely’ and soon enough it will be ‘late’.

I had a Christmas overseas once. It was in Japan and I think it’s fair to say that Christmas is not a thing there. Sure there are the illuminations (Christmas lights) and a strange tradition of couples going on a date on Christmas eve. On Christmas night LB, Russeth and I went to a bar with some friends, which seemed like someone’s back room and got drunk. So you know, festive but also just like a bunch of other nights.

I think Christmas in the UK would be pretty sweet. There’d be all the recognisable cultural signs of Christmas cheer without all the commitments and pressure of all your family and friends and workplace. Mate, you are going to nail Christmas this year!

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