Thursday, December 3, 2015

Things I've done this week (PM)

Seasonal baby clothes are a blessing and a curse. A blessing cause they are so cute, but a curse because babies grow so damn fast and some clothes have such a small window in which the baby can wear them. Add that to a small seasonal window, and whadya got? Hardly any time that your baby can wear all that cute shit!

Baby was so big and bouncing he grew out of so many adorable things so soon. Newbie is pretty mini, which has the benefit of him being able to wear some of the most adorable things for nearly two seasons, if things are a little big in the first season and a little tight in the second.

So I haven't been anywhere special this week not to Harrods and not to the British Museum. Mainly because I'm in Melbourne and I've just been around all the same places I always hang around. But I guess that means I've had the luxury of ignoring Britain's history of pillaging. But I guess every time I walk down Smith Street I have to think about how the British came to Australia, stole it from the Indigenous people while killing them and spreading disease and basically fucking up their lives and those of there descendants, leaving so many of them marginalised and with subpar quality of life, health, finances and so on. So, swings and roundabouts I guess.

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