Monday, September 7, 2015

This post was going to be about how much I like Brendan Fraser (PM)

I'm not surprised to read what K learned about Brendan Fraser yesterday. I've been suspecting for a long time that Brendan Fraser isn't what we thought he was. Even after my teenage hormones settled down I still managed to enjoyed him in The Mummy, but I can admit he's pretty hit and miss. For sometime I've been wonerding if that's just because he's gotten puffy and somewhat unattractive but I suspect* it's more than that. I've watched Journey to the Centre of the Earth a couple of times with Baby and I find the Frase pretty meh. It supports something that I've been coming to terms with for a long time and that is that many of the people I deemed hunks in my youth were really only given that mantle as a result of hormones and magazines telling me what to think. Now I'm a grown up I can choose my hunks for myself!

However I am pretty upset to learn that With Honours wasn't even watchable. I assume that any film you watch a million times as a kid will always be enjoyable based on nostalgia alone so it's pretty upsetting to learn this isn't true. I  mean I'm still processing that revelation about some of the perceived hunks of yesteryear.

God, these life lessons just keep on coming.

In fairness to Brendan Fraser I think that we should recognise that the allimony payments he doesn't want to pay are actually in addition to his child support payments, which, according to TMZ are not what he's complaining about. So come on guys, give Brendan Fraser a break!

*And by "suspect" I mean "like to think in order to not feel so shallow".

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