Monday, September 7, 2015

This post was going to be about how much I like Brendan Fraser (AM)

Yesterday afternoon, I lay down on the couch for a little rest while the gentlemen of the house went for a walk. I fully intended to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black which is a bit violent for my sensitive tastes these days, yet still lures me back to watch more. However, the internet was on the fritz so I was stuck watching real TV which, on Sunday afternoon, is always a gamble. Imagine my delight when a young Brendan Fraser popped up on my screen together with an always the same age Joe Pesci in the film With Honors. This was a film that J and I watched several times when we were teenagers because it starred a man we deemed to be a hunk (Joe Pesci) and a man we liked to make a lot of fun of (Brendan Fraser). Just jokes. Reverse that. We used to make a LOT of fun of Joe Pesci. I don't know why, given that he is excellent in Goodfellas. But for a while there, we would regularly play games of 'Would you rather' in which sex with Joe Pesci was one of the undesirable activities we had to choose between.
But back to Sunday afternoon.   How great! I thought. I love Brendan Fraser and this lame movie. I am going to watch it and then tomorrow I am going to post about how great Brendan Fraser is and how he should really work more. 
It was a great plan for about five minutes. It didn't take long for me to realise that Brendan Fraser actually isn't that great. He's kind of bad and in the film With Honors, he plays a smug douchebag. I always knew With Honors was a shit film, but I thought it would be enjoyable because of our history with it, and I really did think that Brendan Fraser was good. Boy oh boy (Harvard)* was I wrong! I started to think that maybe Brendan Fraser doesn't really get much work any more because he's not really very good. Maybe my feelings about Brendan Fraser are purely related to the powerful hormones active in my late teens. I thought perhaps I would watch School Ties again to be certain but after about 20 minutes of With Honors, I don't think I have it in me.
Plus, I googled Brendan Fraser and discovered this. Brother doesn't want to pay an admittedly very high amount of alimony to his ex-wife to support his kids because he has too many other expenses and his more than $200k monthly income can't cover it all.

Now think Brendan Fraser is a dick and will only watch School Ties for Matt Damon.

* This is a very specific With Honors based in-joke from our teenage years.

PS: this damn site won't let me post photos so I can't even show you that Brendan Fraser used to be a hunk! Sorry you guys.

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