Monday, September 14, 2015

Shana tova (PM)

Shana tova friends! I have self loathing today too, but it ain't caused by binge eating or drinking. I wish! Seriously, I totally wish I had been doing that last night. It's caused by failure to get KB to suckle at the boob for more than five minutes even though we are mammals and we are born to do this! Way to make a new mother feel like a total failure. 
Before I go on, I want to mention that I'm just auditioning KB as the baby's Miss Soft Crab name. I was thinking of calling him Kaby, pronounced like 'baby' but starting with a K because I am K and he is my baby. But I don't like the way Kaby looks on the screen. So then I thought KB, which has a similar kind of sound. Sort of. But not really. Anyway, I could go with Kaybee but that looks weird too. Do people have thoughts on this?
Back to self loathing. Actually, there's not much more to say. I feel terrible about it but I'm trying to. It's hard work. I wish. I just had to feel terrible about what I drank last night and then go look for some chips and coke. That seems like it would be easier to deal with. 
On the plus side, I am at a place called Bundanon at the moment. It's where Arthur Boyd used to live and it's effing beautiful, on a big wide river called the Shoalhaven. Did you guys watch The Secret River? This is some serious Secret Rivier shit. There is wildlife galore and it's beautiful. 

I should take a leaf from this wombat's book. As if s/he has ever felt self loathing! Not a chance.
May our year be as carefree as this wombat's! 

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