Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm looking forward to...(PM)

Wow. The prospect of having three meals a day catered for fills me with so much emotion. Mainly delight. Not because I don’t like cooking. I think we all know I love it! But I hate having to decide what to eat three times a day. (And that’s not even counting snacks!) Sure breakfast is a no-brainer because I will eat porridge whenever I can, but the rest of the meals… ugh. Planning them is the worst(/best)! I’m personally looking really forward to a holiday next month that will start in Queensland but mainly take place in the mid-north coast of NSW and while looking for hotels for the QLD I decided I am totally going to add the overpriced breakfast to my room because that seems like such a wonderful luxury. And I won’t have to think about that one meal for a whole TWO days! Oh god, I can’t wait!

But enough about breakfast, what about water pressure?! This is one of the most important things that you face on a daily basis. And if you are at home with satisfying water pressure then there is no problem but when you are taken out of that comfort zone…disaster. Or rather…unpleasantness!

We have been trying to fix up our bathroom which has many nice new features but also has the scuzzy shower head and taps left over from the old bathroom. These are fine, just old and scuzzy and we think about changing them all the time but are in fear of losing our excellent water pressure. We tried out a new shower head a little while ago but the water pressure was so unsatisfying, like a cold limp handshake, we had to go back to ‘Ol Scuzz after one shower.

As you may know LB’s family own a beach house and even though that whole place has been old and scuzzy for a long time I can’t recommend finding a boyfriend with a beach house highly enough. The place has been having some renovations lately, the bathroom was the first to go, now the kitchen is underway. Although these spaces are much more shiny and comfortable now, the water pressure has truly gone to shit. Before leaving for the beach this past Saturday I had a shower and LB remarked “I’m not going to have one down there so I guess I’ll have one now too.” Truly, this is our new life. So woeful is the shower power down there we will avoid is at all costs. It takes about 30 seconds to fill a glass with water, the kitchen sink pressure is so low. Still I won’t complain (anymore). I mean the beach house privilege is a pretty good one. I should just suck up the new pressure.

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  1. New shower heads are fitted with water saving devices which reduce water pressure. But I'm told they can be removed.